Smoking Policy

NiteNite CityHotel and CityRoom Apartments operate a No Smoking Policy throughout all public areas along with all bedrooms. This policy enables us not only to meet legal requirements, but also to create a comfortable environment for all guests to enjoy. Should we believe that guests have been smoking in bedrooms or any other part of the hotel, a Smoking Fine of £100 will be charged for deep cleaning and the guest may also be asked to leave the premises.


The maximum occupancy for the hotel and apartments is two guests, should you wish to have additional guests, prior authorisation is required by a member of the Management team, if this permission is not granted, it may result in guests being asked to leave the premises or extra charges applying. Children under 18 are not permitted to stay at NiteNite CityHotel or CityRoom Apartments unless accompanied by a parent or guardian who are also staying in the hotel.

Noise policy

We always endeavour to maintain a quiet and sleep-conducive environment, however if we feel that our guests are choosing not to follow this policy and are disturbing other bedrooms, we will bring this matter to their attention to enable them to comply. Once this first request is made, and a second request in necessary, unfortunately (which is very unusual) they will be requested to leave the hotel. If people have chosen to breach this policy, no refund will be available and you may be asked to contribute for spoiling other guest’s experience.

Hotel and apartment misuse

If you or your guest cause damage or loss of any kind to the hotel or apartments, you (as the person making the booking) will be responsible for that damage or loss and you shall be liable to pay the amount required to remedy any such damage or loss.

Payment Terms

The payment for the accommodation will be taken in full any time after the reservation is made, the card used to make the reservation must be presented upon check in. Should the payment be made by a third party, an authorisation form will need to be completed and sent to the hotel at least 24 hours prior to arrival to ensure the request is processed (available upon request). Should the before mentioned policy not be adhered to, the reservation may be cancelled.’

Cancellation Policy

Reservations booked with a cancellation policy can be cancelled or altered up to 12pm the day prior to arrival, any time after this the full payment will be processed on the card used at the time of the reservation. The card used at the time of the booking must be presented upon check-in. If payment is required by a third party, an authorisation form will need to be completed and sent to the hotel at least 24 hours prior to arrival to ensure payment is processed in time. The hotel may refuse entry if this policy is not adhered to. Authorisation forms are available upon request.