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Born over 10 years ago, the nitenite concept was conceived and designed in Birmingham where the first site was opened. With the newly developed pod, the idea continues to gain momentum offering a modular investment model with healthy financial returns.

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Our offer

A smart alternative to the traditional conversion

Imagine a cityroom that has the same footprint as a family saloon car that increases revenue potential by maximising the amount of accommodation per square metre. At nitenite small really is beautiful. We operate on a franchise, manchise and fully managed model so investors can have greater flexibility in their decision.

  • Utilise unused space in your existing building
  • Opulent and cosy environment for guests to stay
  • Competitive conversion rates
  • Excellent commercial running costs
  • Good conversion route to market
  • Cost-effectively revitalise current or tired assets


Impressive returns in an evolving marketplace

Over the last 10 years the marketplace has changed massively making it increasingly expensive to build new hotels. The choice of available brands is becoming squeezed so investors are seeking an alternative to conventional mainstream brands.

nitenite is a small footprint product allowing the design to maximise the amount of accommodation per square metre helping to increase revenue with the added benefit of opening up subterranean opportunities when acquiring new property for development.

Our alternative option that opens up the possibility to utilise redundant assets or properties that cannot conventionally be used for hotel development.

Staged technical services fees

Full access to our talented design team

Build cost per key based on 100 bedrooms

Operating profit over one financial year*

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Updated Model

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